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El secreto del rey cautivo/The secret of the captive king (2005)
Winner of Fernando Lara Award, 2005
Planeta Publishing House
Barcelona, 2005
489 Pages.

To the death of Manuela Malasaña, during the Madrilenian tragic successes of May 2, 1808; captain Zamorano is in charge to translate a bag from Madrid to his regiment settle in Extramadura, and deliver it to the lieutenant colonel Díaz Porlier.

He is accompanied by Sartenes, a prisoner from the House and Court jail who has been released to fight against French invasion. Soon a friend of Manuela, Teresa who is a embroiderer; join them.

The content in the bag is extremely important to the king Ferdinan the Seventh: the keys to discover, recover, guard and return the multiple treasures of his royal inheritance.

The Napoleonic invasion forces the protagonists to conform a guerrilla group that battles against the French troops among the War of Independence. However, a new mission is about to be appointed: rescue the treasure of the captive king hidden in a Madrid occupied and subjected.

The secret of the captive king” is a novel of adventures, intrigues and love in the Spain of the first years of the XIX century; the recover of a non well remembered episode in the history of Spain.




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