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From 1984 to 1987 Gómez Rufo was director of Centro Cultural de la Villa of Madrid. Under his direction, a wide variety of cultural activities such as seminaries, conventions, book presentations took place as well as a musical, theatrical and dance programme.

Different theater pieces were produced and participated in festivals such as Fall Festival and International Festival.

He also created the annual festival of dance "Madrid en Danza", that has been continued until these days. Today on its 20th Edition. Gomez Rufo´s commitment as Director of Centro Cultural de la Villa and Aula de Cultura of the city hall of Madrid was to promote and support young authors and actors and to make Madrid´s cultural life more dynamic.


In 1978 Gómez Rufo make his first contact with Cinema as advisor for Dirección General de Cinematografía. From 1979 to 1983, he was advisor for Filmoteca Española.

As writer he participated in the creation of several film scripts. He was involved in Eduardo Menco´s proyects and on the film adaptation of 2 of his own novels: "Natalia" and "Si tú supieras".

Gomez Rufo was co-author with Luis García Berlanga and Jorge Berlanga for T.V. screen play of "BLASCO IBÁÑEZ, LA NOVELA DE SU VIDA " for TVE-1, directed by Luis G. Berlanga (1996-1997). (Two chapters of 90 minutes a co-production with CPA, RTVE, and NOU Channel)

He was also with Luis G. Berlanga, Jorge Berlanga and Javier González Amezúa film script author of the movie "PARÍS-TOMBUCTÚ". The movie was in theaters in the autum of 1999.

Winner of the Goya Prize for best support actor (Juan Diego). Produced by Calabuch Films, Anola Films and Freedonia with the colaboration of TVE and Canal +.

Gómez Rufo also colaborated in the creation of the script "Todos a la Cárcel" of Luis G. Berlanga.

As writer, is autor of Berlanga´s Biography: "Berlanga, against power and glory ", and the essay: " Berlanga, confidences of a cinema director".


* Adiós, princesa/ Good bye princess (1994)

* París-Tombuctú

* Blasco Ibáñez, la novela de su vida/Blasco Ibáñez, the novel of his life. ( TV serie, for TVE and Canal Nou)


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